AR# 5815


2.1i COREGEN: Coregen 2.1i displays all known projects for all users in the available projects listing in multi-user environment


Keywords: known, project, coregen

Urgency: standard

General Description:
Coregen in the 2.1i release displays all projects created by all users
of a particular installation of the Coregen software . This feature
was designed to make it easier for multiple users to work on the same
projects. However, in a situation where there are a large number of projects
known to Coregen, this feature may be an annoyance to some.


The only way to avoid this problem in an environment where many users
access the same software installation is to install your own local
copy of the CORE Generator software. In single user mode, only those projects
owned by the user are included in the known projects list.
AR# 5815
日付 08/29/2001
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