AR# 5952


FPGA / Design Compiler 1999.10: Synthesizing with Synopsys version 1999.10 may give UISN-27 error


Keywords: Synopsys, Compiler, Design, FPGA, UISN-27, dc.err, ERR-3, ERR-1

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After upgrading to Synopsys Design Compiler or FPGA Compiler version 1999.10, you may see
the following error during the Compile stage of synthesis:

Error: Error 'UISN-27' has occurred (ERR-3)
Warning: Message for error 'UISN-27' not found (ERR-1)

The script continues regardless of this error and synthesis is not affected.


This can be safely ignored. Some of the UISN messages have been added to provide users with
more information. However, in this case, the information message does not exist in the message list,
so an error is generated.

To prevent this error, open $SYNOPSYS/auxx/syn/dc.err in your favorite text editor. Be sure you
have write permissions for that file and directory, and add this line immediately after UISN-26:

I UISN-27 Evaluating DesignWare library utilization:\
AR# 5952
日付 04/27/2007
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