AR# 5974


Foundation schematic F1.5is1 - resets synthesis options when you push into a HDL macro


KEYWORDS: schematic, hdl, macro, synthesis options, Express, foundation

URGENCY: Standard


Having created your HDL macro and synthesised it with the options
you specified, if you then use the hierarchy button to push back into
the HDL file from a top level schematic and make some changes, the
options you previously choose have been reset to the default synthesis


There are several ways to get round this:

1. Reset the options everytime you push into the macro from the

2. Open the HDL code from the project manager, resynthesis and
update from the HDL editor.

3. Use the update macro option available on the synthesis tab
in the Foundation Project Manager window.
AR# 5974
日付 03/07/2002
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