AR# 598


PROSERIES 6.0: About error, "386 chip is currently exectuing in virtual mode"


The 386 chip is currently executing in virtual mode under the control of
another program. If it's the Compaq CEMM software (or compatible, such as
Quarterdeck's QEMM) use the -CEMM switch on the command line to turn it off.

When performing an action that causes a program to get run within the
ViewLogic PRO Series environment, users get the windows error listed above.

The version prior to XACT 5.1.1 contained Executables that could not be run
in Windows. Attempting to run these execuitables in an MSDOS box would result
in the error shown above.

This can be caused if an older, non-windows compatible, executable appears in
the path before the new PROSER directory. For example, users of ViewDraw-LCA
may still have the DOS workview in their path, which may cause PRO Series
to execute these versions of the Viewlogic software.


Remove all references to WORKVIEW (or any other ViewLogic DOS software)
in the following system variables: PATH, WDIR, and SYSPLT.

AR# 598
日付 10/01/2008
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