AR# 6134


MAP v1.5is2, CORE Generator, SDA FIR - "Error: x4kma: 339 - The (symname) symbol...has no signal connected to B1."


Keywords: MAP, CORE Generator, COREGen, SDA, FIR, x4kma 339

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
This error may occur when using a PDA FIR; the error message returned by MAP is:

ERROR:x4kma:339 - The HIERCY4_03 symbol "U7/B176" (output signal=U7/N5940) has
no signal connected to B1. This pin must be connected based on carry-moded


This error message may appear because the SDA FIR Filter module had
the "Cascade" option selected when it was generated, but the module was
not being cascaded with another SDA FIR module in the design.

Ensure that you make the proper connections when cascading two or
more SDA FIR filters when generating an SDA FIR with a Cascadeable
Section (see the data sheet for the filter). If you are not going to cascade
two or more SDA FIR filters together, do not activate the "Generate
Cascadeable Section" checkbox.
AR# 6134
日付 02/15/2001
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