AR# 618


Timsim8/PLD_DVE_BA: "WARNING: Unknown design object" on Autologic design


Keywords: timsim8, dve_ba, autologic

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

On an Autologic-synthesized schematic, PLD_DVE_BA (in Timsim8) may give a
warning similar to:

# WARNING: Unknown design object: /LA_BOUCHE/I1101S$37$5

The warning may repeat several times for the same design object.

Older versions of Autologic may write out percent signs (%) in their
instance names. Although this is legal in Mentor schematics, it is NOT
legal in Xilinx netlists. To remedy this, EDIF2XNF changes each "%" in a
netlist to "$37$" (so used because 37 is the ASCII code for the percent
sign). Unfortunately, the Mentor back-annotation file is written with this
change, so that I1101S$37$5 in the MBA file does not match up with the true
I1101S%5 in the schematic.


In the $LCA/com/sparc (or $LCA/com/hppa) directory is a script called
mbapp.nawk. This NAWK script is run during the Timsim8 flow to rewrite a
Mentor back-annotation file into a more compact form. Since this script
rewrites the MBA file, it can be used to change MBA netnames as needed.

A modified version of this script is available that will change the $37$'s
back to %'s, so that the offending names in the back-annotation file
correspond to those in the front end. This script is located on the Xilinx
FTP site at:

A README file is included in the archive.

Have a network administrator replace the old mbapp.nawk file with this one.
Once this is done, rerun Timsim8 and the process should run smoothly.
AR# 618
日付 10/01/2008
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