AR# 6298


FPGA Compiler II, FPGA Express: FST scripting tool: Compiler directives for using pullups/pulldowns


Keywords: Synopsys, Express, Compiler II, FST, FPGA Scripting Tool, pullup, pulldown

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The FPGA Scripting Tool (FST) implements a Tcl-based command-line interface for
the FPGA Compiler II product, including FPGA Express. Can one use a compiler
script command to specify the use of pullup resistors?


Assuming the top-level name of the chip as specified by the compiler

set chip mychip

Then syntax is demonstrated below:

set_pad_resistance "PULLUP" "mychip/port_name"

Note that PULLUP must be all capitals, and the use of double quotes.
For more information and sample scripts, please see the FST scripting
guide help.
AR# 6298
日付 08/11/2003
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