AR# 6312


M1.5i TRCE - Exception access violation and "Error: xvkdr: 5 - blockcheck:"


General Description:

I am using F1.5i SP2, and my Virtex design is getting TRCE and BitGen errors when the CLKFB is not connected correctly. The following TRCE Windows error will sometimes crash the program:

"Abnormal program termination at trce.exe: exception access violation (0x0000005), address 0x01c9162a."

Also, during BitGen, the following error occasionally appears:

"BitGen error: xvkdr: 5 - blockcheck: dangling DLL input pin CLKFV of DLL comp....not connected."


Make sure that the DLL feedback loop is connected correctly; if it is, the error should go away.

This will be fixed in a future software release.

AR# 6312
日付 01/18/2010
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