AR# 63402

JESD204 v6.0 - Rx Link Error Status auto-clear issue


The JESD204 Link Error Status (Lanes 0 to 7) register should clear all status bits automatically upon reading the register.

For JESD204 v5.2 and v6.0, register behavior is not as expected.

A read cannot clear the register when multiple lanes are implemented.


This has been resolved in JESD204 v6.1, as outlined in (Xilinx Answer 64619) - 2015.1 Vivado IP Release Notes - All IP Change Log Information:

"Fixed issue with Rx Link Error Status Registers (0x01C and 0x03C) not auto clearing after a read for multi-lane designs"

Customers are asked to migrate to Vivado 2015.1 with JESD204 v6.1 if they experience this issue.

If migration to Vivado 2015.1 is not an option, a patch is available for Vivado 2014.4 upon application to Xilinx Technical Support.

To apply, create a Service Request referencing this Answer Record number.

The preferred resolution is to migrate to Vivado 2015.1.

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Answer Number アンサータイトル 問題の発生したバージョン 修正バージョン
64619 2015.1 Vivado IP リリース ノート - すべての IP 変更ログ情報 N/A N/A
AR# 63402
日付 06/26/2015
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