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UG917 (v1.0) KCU105 Board User Guide - DIFF_TERM/DCI


(UG917) (v1.0) KCU105 Board User Guide page 114 shows the constraints listing for CLOCKS on the KCU105.

The DIFF_TERM value is TRUE, but the termination resistor also exists on the board schematic.

DCI based IOSTANDARD is used for the input, but there are split termination resistors on the board.

  • USER_SI570_CLOCK_P/N -- R866 100 ohm differential resistor connected.
  • USER_SMA_CLOCK_P/N -- R896 100 ohm differential resistor connected.
  • CLK_125MHZ _P/N -- R150 100 ohm differential resistor connected.
  • SYSCLK_300_P/N -- R594/R595/R596/R597 1K ohm split connected.

Should DIFF_TERM/DCI be used for these pins?


The DIFF_TERM/DCI property has been removed for USER_SMA_CLK_P / _N and User_SI570_CLOCK_P / _N in (UG917) v1.4.

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