AR# 6415


2.1i FPGA Editor - Chip View mode vs. Edit mode for block editing


Keywords: chip view, edit, mode, block editing

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When editing a CLB, SLICE, or IOB component, how do I know which mode it is in?


If you double-click on the CLB, SLICE or IOB, then the window is in Chip View mode, which is read-only.

If you select the CLB, IOB, or SLICE, and press the "EditBlock" button, then the window is in Edit Mode, which is the read-write mode (or what the main attributes of the project are currently).

The View Comp window can be changed to editing mode (or view mode) by selecting the icon that looks like a pencil drawing on a white bar, which is "Begin Editing".

Once you are finished editing and want to save the changes and close the window, select the icon that has a yellow arrow pointing down to a white bar with a small window with a star in the corner; this will "Save Changes and Close Window".

If you want to ignore the changes and close the window, the select the icon with a small window with star in the corner, which is the "Ignore Changes and Close Window" button.
AR# 6415
日付 07/09/2001
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