AR# 6453


Initializing Mentor Quicksim simulation: Net name for the global reset signal for CPLD's (9500)


Keywords: 9500, CPLD, reset, global set reset, initialize, Quicksim, functional,

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

I am simulating my CPLD design in Quicksim II and as per usual I am
using //prld in my functional simulation and I get the expected results.
But after implementing in the Xilinx tools I come back into Quicksim
to do a timing simulation I try and toggle the //prld signal and I am
getting errors that the signal can not be found. Am I using the wrong
global signal?


For functional simulation the simulation models use the signal named
//prld (double slash) for the global set reset signal. Currently in the
CPLD software some code was changed which ended up
changing the name of the signal //prld to /prld on the backend. Becuase
of this you must use the signal named /prld in the back-end timing
simulation, and the signal named //prld in the functional simulation
when using Xilinx M1.5 or later software.
Devlopment is looking into this in order to preserve the global set
reset signal name.
AR# 6453
日付 10/05/2008
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