AR# 6473


2.1i Install: Entering user information: Name, Company, CD-Key, Serial Number


Keywords: install, serial number, CD-Key, company, name

Urgency: Hot

General Description: When running the 2.1i install, one of the screens asks for user information.

Serial Number:

If you leave the serial number blank and try to continue, the installer will complain that:

You must fill in both the Name and Company fields.


You must fill in ALL fields. If you do not know your Xilinx Serial number, please enter
'XILINX' in the field. That field is not checked for validity like the
CD-Key. All of this information gets written into the file fileset.txt. This file can then
be easily referenced for this information by support and service if needed.
AR# 6473
日付 08/23/2001
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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