AR# 6484


Virtex Spartan-II Configuration - Can CRC be disabled?


General Description:

Can you turn on and off the CRC check for Virtex or Spartan-II as you can for

the 4k family?


No, BitGen does not have a switch to disable CRC for Virtex or Spartan-II. The

CRC check is differs between these and the XC4000 series and other FPGA

families. In previous families, CRC is checked after each frame. For Virtex and

Spartan-II, a check occurs just prior to loading the last frame and again at the

very end of the bitstream.

For more information on CRC checking in Virtex refer to Xilinx Application

Note (XAPP138) - "Virtex Configuration and Readback," available at:

AR# 6484
日付 12/15/2012
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