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AR# 651

5.x PPR - Error 5802: PGA package pin location "Uxx" assumed to be unbonded


PPR issues Error 5802 on a valid PGA package
pin location name starting with a "U"

"The [inst] is using an unbonded location '[pin]'.
PADs and the associated iob logic of a PAD can only
go in bonded locations."


PPR issues Error 5802 on a valid PGA package pin location labeled "Uxx".

Uxx is a valid bonded pin location in some of the
larger PGA packages.

PPR assumes that the first location
named "Uxx" that it finds in the netlist is a bonded
location, and sometimes this assumption is incorrect.
(xx is any integer value)


The workaround is to reference the pin using the PAD###
notation. To find the corresponding PAD number for
a particular bonded pin called Uxx, look for Uxx in the
appropriate .pkg file in $XACT/data.

For example, in the 4025pg223 package, pin U8
corresponds to PAD92, based on the package file,

pin PAD92 U8
pin PAD93 V8
pin PAD94 V9
pin PAD95 U9
pin PAD96 T9

Therefore to constrain a pin to location U8, add the
constraint, LOC=PAD92.

This problem may be seen in 4025 and 5200 designs which target PGA packages. The problem is not seen in the 4013
because there are no unbonded pads in that PG223 package.

AR# 651
日付 03/22/2000
ステータス アーカイブ
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