AR# 6523


2.1i FPGA Editor - The reference location for macros cannot be changed


Keywords: reference, location, macro

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am saving a macro file, or a design as a macro; when the reference component is not selected, a component is selected by the tool. The reference component seems to be changed by selecting the component, then selecting "Set Macro Reference Comp" (the messages agree).

But, when the macro is loaded into another design, the reference component is still set to the original reference component. Can this be changed?


If you save a design file as a macro or save a macro, a refcomp is chosen that cannot be changed.

If you are editing a design file, you cannot specify a refcomp, nor can you specify a refcomp when you save a design file as a macro.

If you created a macro, make sure that the refcomp is set before the macro is saved, or the tools will choose the refcomp that cannot be changed.
AR# 6523
日付 07/09/2001
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