AR# 6554


2.1i Design Manager - Running pld_dsgnmgr through Mentor DM or Through Exemplar's P&R tab, can not choose options for implementation


Keywords: pld_dsgnmgr, pld_dmgr, Design Manager, implment options, GUI

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When I envoke the Xilinx Design Manager (pld_dsgnmgr) or pick the option
to envoke the Xilinx Design Manager on my design from Exemplar's P&R tab,
for the first time on my design EDIF file I don't get the familiar flow. When I
go to Design ->Implement as I used to, I don't get any options, besides
picking the version/ revision, and part. As soon as I click on OK the design
starts implementing before I have a chance to select my simulation type and
effort levels. How do I get to the options as initially it is greyed out?


This issue has been resolved in the latest 2.1i Service Pack available at:

Previous Workaround:

Due to a change in the Xilinx Design Manager flow a version/revsion must
be created before any options can be modified. Upon first starting up
pld_dsgnmgr on the design.edif for the first time, you must first do
Design -> New Version, then you can do a Design -> Options, to select
you simulation type, effort levels etc. If you have partially or completely
run implementation then a version/revsion will already exist and the
options can be modified, such as after hitting the stop button.

AR# 6554
日付 06/13/2002
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