AR# 6555


Mentor-Xilinx Interface 2.1i: After choosing Quicksim for my simulation in the Xilinx GUI and implementing, I don't see the time_sim.edn for back-end simulation


Keywords: time_sim.edn, timing simulation, back-end simulation, Quicksim,

Urgency: standard

General Description:

I am running the Xilinx Design Manager (pld_dsgnmgr) on the edif file for
my design that came from pld_men2edif. Upon selecting the Design ->
options, and selecting Quicksim for my Simulation type, I let the tools
implement. I do not get a time_sim.edn like I used to. When I edit the
options for the Quicksim simulation I see that the simulation netlist
name is set to time_sim How come it is not created?


Due to a change in the program pld_edif2tim, the Xilinx Design Manager
will be writing out the backend EDIF netlist named design.edn (design
being the input filename EDIF), instead of the filename time_sim.edn.
The file design.edn will be created even though the option for the
simulation netlist name is set to time_sim

The file must be named design.edn and you must run pld_edif2tim on
this file name or it will error out. For example if the name
of the file was time_sim.edn, the A2.1i pld_edif2tim prgram would
error out that it could not find the directory time_sim_lib.
AR# 6555
日付 06/13/2002
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