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What is the LPM directory in the $XILINX tree for?


General Description:

In the Xilinx install directory $XILINX, I see a directory called LPM.

Does Xilinx support LPM's? Why is this directory there? Can I

use LPM's that were created for other vendors?


The LPM directory really should not have been in the 1.5 install.

It is not supported and will not be in 2.1 or later.

This directory is purely vestigial and is empty, but when Neocad was still

producing software 3rd party tools could pass properties (bit width,

signed/unsigned, initial state, etc.), that would configure the LPM's,

which were a number of primitives. It was like Logiblox is now. The

LPM (Library of Parameterized Modules), is a standard derived

from EDIF, which Neocad actively drove. The idea was to have

companies produce LPM/EDIF netlists to pass to the Neocad

implmentataion tools for a better design, but synthesis tools can

now infer most of the special modules etc, or users can use Logiblox

or Coregen now.
AR# 6578
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