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HDMI 1.4/2.0 Transmitter (TX) Subsystem - Release Notes and Known Issues for the Vivado 2015.4 tool and later versions


This answer record contains the Release Notes and Known Issues for the HDMI 1.4/2.0 Transmitter (TX) Subsystem and includes the following:

  • General Information
  • Known and Resolved Issues
  • Revision History

This Release Notes and Known Issues Answer Record is for the core generated in Vivado 2015.4 and later versions.

HDMI 1.4/2.0 Transmitter (TX) Subsystem Page:

Xilinx Forums:

Please seek technical support via the Video IP Board. The Xilinx Forums are a great resource for technical support. 

The entire Xilinx Community is available to help here, and you can ask questions and collaborate with Xilinx experts to get the solutions you need.


General Information

Supported Devices can be found in the following three locations:

Hardware Demonstration Design

KC705, KCU105, ZC706, ZCU102, ZCU104, ZCU106, and VCU118 boards are supported by the HDMI IP example design. 

Detailed instructions can be found in Chapter 6 of (PG235):HDMI 1.4/2.0 Transmitter Subsystem Product Guide

For a list of new features and added device support for all versions:

Change log of Subsystem or IP

  • See the Change log included with the core in Vivado.
  • Click on the Change log links in the Version Table below.

Change log of Standalone Software Drivers

Linux Support

Version Table

This table correlates the core version to the first Vivado design tools release version in which it was included.

Core VersionVivado Tools VersionSubsystem Change logSubsystem PatchesStandalone Software Driver PatchesLinux Driver Patches
v3.1 (Rev 4)2020.1(Xilinx Answer 73626)  (Xilinx Answer 75482)
v3.1 (Rev 3)2019.2(Xilinx Answer 72923)  (Xilinx Answer 73200)
v3.1 (Rev 2)2019.1(Xilinx Answer 72242)(Xilinx Answer 72754) (Xilinx Answer 73093)
v3.1(Rev 1)2018.3(Xilinx Answer 71806)   
v3.12018.2(Xilinx Answer 71212)   
v3.12018.1(Xilinx Answer 70699)   
v3.0 (Rev. 1)2017.4(Xilinx Answer 70386) (Xilinx Answer 70380) 
v3.02017.3(Xilinx Answer 69903)(Xilinx Answer 69886)(Xilinx Answer 70099) 
v2.0 (Rev. 5)2017.2(Xilinx Answer 69326)(Xilinx Answer 69850)(Xilinx Answer 70097) 
v2.0 (Rev. 4)2017.1(Xilinx Answer 69055)   
v2.0 (Rev. 3)2016.4(Xilinx Answer 68369)   
v2.0 (Rev. 2)2016.3(Xilinx Answer 68021)   
v2.0 (Rev. 1)2016.2(Xilinx Answer 67345)(Xilinx Answer 67927)  
v2.02016.1(Xilinx Answer 66930)   
v1.02015.4(Xilinx Answer 66004)(Xilinx Answer 66535)(Xilinx Answer 66534) 


General Guidance

The table below provides Answer Records for general guidance when using the HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem.

Article NumberArticle Title
(Xilinx Answer 72812)HDMI example design - Why do I hear audio glitches on the pass-through example design or TX example design with AOC monitors?
(Xilinx Answer 72555)ZCU102, ZCU106 HDMI example design - No UART output with default example design flow if ZCU102 and ZCU106 boards have newer DIMMs
(Xilinx Answer 70515)ZCU102, ZCU106 - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem - Why do I see a flickering image when connecting to some HDMI Sinks?
(Xilinx Answer 72332)Opening HDMI v2019.1 TX Only Example design gives CRITICAL WARNING: [BD 41-1228] Width mismatch when connecting input pin
(Xilinx Answer 68780)How do I send custom AVI InfoFrames?
(Xilinx Answer 70514)Where can I find an HDMI Compliant Reference Schematic?
(Xilinx Answer 69821)Why are some audio blocks and a HDCP block assigned to 512 Mb address spaces automatically?
(Xilinx Answer 67754)Why do I see a stray pink line if there is no actual audio sending to the IP?
(Xilinx Answer 64562)Why is the output always 12 bits per pixel in YUV 422 (YCrCb 4:2:2) mode?
(Xilinx Answer 69998)Why might my downstream device have problems detecting that the correct output resolution is not being detected correctly?
(Xilinx Answer 68801)Is there a way to force the downstream HDMI Sink to reset and re-establish a link similar to how the HDP can force the HDMI Source to retrain?
(Xilinx Answer 68526)Where can I find an HDMI RX/TX Subsystem example designs?
(Xilinx Answer 68045)Why do I get an error saying that the HDMI RX or TX Subsystem had failed to Initialize?
(Xilinx Answer 66849)Why do I get a Critical Warning when connecting a YUV 4:2:2 AXI4-Stream input to the HDMI Receiver or Transmitter Subsystems?
(Xilinx Answer 66741)Do I need to have both the HDCP 1.x and HDCP 2.2 cores or is HDCP 2.2 a superset of HDCP 1.x?

Known and Resolved Issues

The following tables 3 and 4 provide known issues for the HDMI 1.4/2.0 Transmitter (TX) Subsystem, starting with v1.0, initially released in Vivado 2015.4.

Note: The "Version Found" column lists the version the problem was first discovered. 

The problem might also exist in earlier versions, but no specific testing has been performed to verify earlier versions.

Table 3: IP

Article NumberArticle TitleVersion FoundVersion Resolved
(Xilinx Answer 70238)Can YUV 4:2:2 12-bit interlaced SD (480i60 and 576i50) resolutions be supported?v2.0 (Rev. 3)N/A
(Xilinx Answer 70100)Why do I sometimes have problem transmitting HBR Audio?v2.0 (Rev. 5)v3.0 (Rev. 1)
(Xilinx Answer 68016)Why do some video test patterns not generate outputs in the example design?v2.0 (Rev. 2)v2.0 (Rev. 4)
(Xilinx Answer 69427)Why do I sometimes see DDC Transaction failures when the HDMI Sink requests clock stretching?v2.0 (Rev. 5)v3.0
(Xilinx Answer 68395)Why do I get a Critical Warning about an HDCP license even when I do not select HDCP as an option?v2.0 (Rev. 3)v2.0 (Rev. 4)
(Xilinx Answer 68317)Why am I not able to see valid video when using 4096x2160 when the AXI4-Stream remapper functions are enabled?v2.0 (Rev. 2)v2.0 (Rev. 3)
(Xilinx Answer 67927)Why do I sometimes see failures when performing HDCP Authentication?v2.0 (Rev. 1)v2.0 (Rev. 2)
(Xilinx Answer 67323)Why is my DVI monitor having problems locking when receiving output from the HDMI Transmitter Subsystem?v1.0v2.0
(Xilinx Answer 66503)Why does the HDMI Transmitter Subsystem in XAPP1275 v1.0 fail to meet timing at 297MHz when using a Hardware Evaluation License?v1.0v2.0
(Xilinx Answer 66380)Why is the License type set to "Included" when a Purchased license is required to generate output products?v1.0v2.0
(Xilinx Answer 66290)Why do I see problems with the Audio mapping in both 2 channel and 8 channel modes?v1.0v2.0

Table 4: Software Driver

Article NumberArticle TitleVersion FoundVersion Resolved
(Xilinx Answer 70890)Video Common Library v4.3 - Why do I encounter SDK compilation error if the XVIDC_EDID_VERBOSITY definition is set to 2?v3.1v3.1(Rev 1)
(Xilinx Answer 68799)Why do some sinks have problems receiving 576i video from the HDMI TX Subsystem?v3.0v3.1
(Xilinx Answer 70379)Why is the scrambler still enabled when switching from HDMI 2.0 resolutions (with TMDS clock >340 MHz) to HDMI 1.4 resolutions?v3.0 (Rev. 1)v3.1

Table 5: Linux Driver
Article NumberArticle TitleVersion FoundVersion Resolved
(Xilinx Answer 73232)HDMI DRM Framework - Why HDMI Vendor specific infoframe is read wrong for some of the Displays?v2019.1v2020.1
(Xilinx Answer 75482)HDMI DRM Framework - Why do some monitors not show the HDR ON label while playing HDR content?v2020.1N/A

Revision History:

09/11/2020Added (Xilinx Answer 73232) and (Xilinx Answer 75482)
09/25/2019Added (Xilinx Answer 72812) and (Xilinx Answer 72754)
07/25/2019Added (Xilinx Answer 72555)
05/27/2019Added (Xilinx Answer 70515)
05/10/2019Added (Xilinx Answer 72332)
10/31/2018Added (Xilinx Answer 70514)
06/05/2018Added (Xilinx Answer 69821)
05/10/2018Added (Xilinx Answer 67754)
04/24/2018Added (Xilinx Answer 64562)
04/11/2018Added v3.1 to Version Table and (Xilinx Answer 70890) and Hardware Demonstration Design information
01/22/2018Added (Xilinx Answer 68799)
01/04/2018Added (Xilinx Answer 70379)
12/20/2017Added v3.0 (Rev. 1) to the Version Table and (Xilinx Answer 70238)
10/30/2017Added (Xilinx Answer 70097), (Xilinx Answer 70099) and (Xilinx Answer 70100)
10/16/2017Added v3.0 to the Version Table and (Xilinx Answer 69998), (Xilinx Answer 66534), (Xilinx Answer 66535), (Xilinx Answer 67927), (Xilinx Answer 67927), (Xilinx Answer 69886)and (Xilinx Answer 68016)
08/18/2017Added (Xilinx Answer 68801)
06/30/2017Added v2.0 (Rev. 5) to the Version Table
06/01/2017Added v2.0 (Rev. 4) to the Version Table, and (Xilinx Answer 68780)
01/13/2017Added (Xilinx Answer 68526)
12/14/2016Added v2.0 (Rev. 3) to the Version Table, (Xilinx Answer 68317) and (Xilinx Answer 68395)
10/05/2016Added v2.0 (Rev. 2) to the Version Table, and (Xilinx Answer 67927), and (Xilinx Answer 68045)
06/08/2016Added v2.0 (Rev. 1) to the Version Table, and (Xilinx Answer 67323)
04/06/2016Added v2.0 to the Version Table, and (Xilinx Answer 66849)
03/01/2016Added (Xilinx Answer 66741)
02/11/2016Added (Xilinx Answer 66615)
01/28/2016Added (Xilinx Answer 66503)
01/12/2016Added (Xilinx Answer 66380)
12/18/2015Added (Xilinx Answer 66290)
11/24/2015Initial Release

アンサー レコード リファレンス

マスター アンサー レコード

Answer Number アンサータイトル 問題の発生したバージョン 修正バージョン
56851 ザイリンクス マルチメディア、ビデオ、および画像ソリューション センター N/A N/A

サブアンサー レコード

Answer Number アンサータイトル 問題の発生したバージョン 修正バージョン
64562 HDMI Receiver (RX) Subsystem および HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem - YUV 422 (YCrCb 4:2:2) モードの出力が常に毎ピクセル 12 ビットになる N/A N/A
66290 HDMI TX Subsystem v1.0 - 2 チャネル モードと 8 チャネル モードの両方でオーディオ マッピングの問題が発生する N/A N/A
66380 HDMI RX Subsystem v1.0 および HDMI TX Subsystem v1.0 - ライセンス タイプが「Included」に設定されているが、出力ファイルの生成に購入済みライセンスが求められる N/A N/A
66503 HDMI TX Subsystem v1.0 - XAPP1275 v1.0 - ハードウェア評価ライセンスを使用している場合、XAPP1275 v1.0 の HDMI TX Subsystem が 297MHz でタイミングを満たさない N/A N/A
66534 HDMI TX Subsystem Software Driver v1.0 - HDMI TX Subsystem Software Driver のパッチ アップデート N/A N/A
66535 HDMI TX Subsystem v1.0 - HDMI TX Subsystem のパッチ アップデート N/A N/A
66615 HDMI TX Subsystem v1.0 - XAPP1275 - パススルー モードでオーディオ情報のフレームが転送されない N/A N/A
66741 HDCP 2.2 - HDCP1.x - HDCP 1.x および HDCP 2.2 コアの両方が必要なのか、または HDCP 2.2 には HDCP 1.x と下位互換性があるのか N/A N/A
66849 HDMI RX/TX Subsystem v1.0 - YUV 4:2:2 AXI4-Stream 入力を HDMI RX または TX Subsystem に接続するときにクリティカル警告メッセージが表示される N/A N/A
66989 LogiCORE Video PHY Controller v2.0 - プロジェクトで複数の Video PHY Controller を使用すると GT の配置に関するクリティカル警告メッセージが表示される N/A N/A
67323 HDMI Transmitter Subsystem v1.0 - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem からの出力を受信すると DVI モニターでロックに関する問題が発生する N/A N/A
67972 HDMI Transmitter Subsystem v2.0 (Rev. 1) - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem v2.0 (Rev. 1) 用のパッチ アップデート N/A N/A
68045 HDMI Transmitter (TX) / Receiver (RX) Subsystem - ソフトウェア ドライバー - HDMI RX または TX Subsystem を初期化できないというエラー メッセージが表示される N/A N/A
68317 HDMI Receiver (RX) / Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 (Rev. 2) - AXI4-Stream リマッパー ファンクションがイネーブルになっている状態で 4096x2160 を使用すると有効なビデオが表示されない N/A N/A
68395 HDMI Receiver (RX)/Transmitter (TX) Subsystem - オプションとして HDCP を選択しないと、HDCP ライセンスに関するクリティカル警告が表示される N/A N/A
68526 HDMI RX/TX Subsystem - XAPP1275, XAPP1287 - HDMI RX/TX Subsystem サンプル デザインの入手先 N/A N/A
66858 Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZCU102 Evaluation Kit - HDMI equalizer requirement for 16nm N/A N/A
69427 HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 (Rev. 5) - HDMI シンクからクロック ストレッチが要求されると DDC トランザクション エラーが発生することがある N/A N/A
68801 HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 - SW Driver 3.0 - HDP が HDMI Source を再トレインさせることができるように、ダウンストリームの HDMI Sink をリセットさせリンクを再確立させる方法 N/A N/A
69821 HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 - HDMI IP サンプル デザイン - オーディオ ブロックと HDCP ブロックのアドレス空間が自動的に 512Mb として割り当てられてしまう N/A N/A
69886 2017.3 HDMI Transmitter Subsystem v3.0 - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem v3.0 用のパッチ アップデート N/A N/A
69850 2017.2 HDMI Transmitter Subsystem v2.0 (Rev. 5) - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem v2.0 (Rev. 5) 用のパッチ アップデート N/A N/A
69998 HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem - ダウンストリーム デバイスで正しい出力解像度が検出されない理由 N/A N/A
70097 2017.2 - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem、Software Driver v3.2 - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem Software Driver v3.2 のパッチ N/A N/A
70099 2017.3 - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem、Software Driver v4.0 - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem Software Driver v4.0 のパッチ N/A N/A
70100 HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 - HBR オーディオの送信時に問題が発生することがあるのはなぜか N/A N/A
70238 HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 - YUV 4:2:2 12 ビット インターレースの SD (480i60 および 576i50) の解像度はサポートされるか N/A N/A
70380 2017.4 - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem、Software Driver v4.0 - HDMI Transmitter Subsystem Software Driver v4.0 のパッチ N/A N/A
70379 HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v3.0 - Software Driver v4.0 - HDMI 2.0 の解像度 (TMDS クロック >340 MHz) から HDMI 1.4 の解像度に切り替えてもスクランブラーがイネーブルのままなのはなぜか N/A N/A
68799 HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 - ソフトウェア ドライバー 3.0 - HDMI TX Subsystem から 576i ビデオを受信するときに問題が発生する Sink がある N/A N/A
70514 HDMI Transmitter および Receiver Subsystem - HDMI 準拠の参照回路図の入手先 N/A N/A
70890 HDMI 1.4/2.0 Transmitter Subsystem v3.1 - Video Common Library v4.3 - XVIDC_EDID_VERBOSITY 定義を 2 に設定すると、SDK コンパイル エラーが起きる N/A N/A
67754 HDMI TX Subsystem IP v2.0 - オーディオ データが IP に送信されない場合、画面にピンク色の線が表示されるのはなぜか N/A N/A
68780 HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 - Software Driver v3.0 - カスタム AVI InfoFrames の送信方法 N/A N/A

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