AR# 66418

Kintex UltraScale FPGA KCU105 Evaluation Kit - Changesrom rev 1.0 to rev 1.1


What changes were made to the Kintex UltraScale KCU105 Evaluation Kit between revisions 1.0 and 1.1 of the PCB?


The KCU105 rev 1.1 changes are as follows:

  • Changed Elpida DDR4 MANF (manufacturer) field to "Micron" as Micron is the manufacturer of these devices
  • Changed all I/O pulldowns / pullups to 1 kohm instead of 4.7K ohm
    • ROTARY_INCA 4.K ohm to vadj
    • ROTARY_PUSH 4.7K ohm to vadj
    • ROTARY_INCB 4.7K ohm to vadj
    • CPU_RESET 4.7K ohm to gnd
    • GPIO_DIP_SW0 4.7K ohm to gnd
    • GPIO_DIP_SW1 4.7K ohm to gnd
    • GPIO_DIP_SW2 4.7K ohm to gnd
    • GPIO_DIP_SW3 4.7K ohm to gnd
    • SI570_CLK_SEL_LS 4.7K ohm to gnd
    • HDMI_INT 4.7K ohm to 1.8V
    • SI5328_RST_LS 4.7K ohm to 1.8V
    • PMBUS_ALERT_FPGA 4.7K ohm to 1.8V
  • SI5328C changed to SI5328B to support higher range of frequencies
  • GND void cut outs under the SFP signal pads for improved signal integrity on GT routes
  • Changed R76 to 1.0K ohm
  • Removed C869 and C870
  • Replaced C862 and C863 with 0.022uF capacitors
  • Changed 0.500 and 0.625 length standoffs to 0.250 and 0.325 length standoffs
    • 2202K-ND
    • 2201K-ND
    • Changed 3 screws to 3/16 length (4C18PPMZR): MS6, MS7, MS9
  • Changed DONE pullup to 4.7K ohm resistor
  • Modified SYSMON header circuitry
    • Remove jumpers: J9, J10, J49 (just use SYSMON_VCC), J11
    • Default jumper settings for: J47 (1-2) J48 (1-2)
  • Changed C506 from 10 uF to 1.0 uF
  • Added 0.1 uF capacitor to SYSMON_VCCADC near FPGA
  • Removed C912 10 uF
  • Updated silkscreen and filenames to Rev 1.1
  • Removed SATA adapter

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