AR# 671


Error cl192 or cl126 while converting a PALASM (PDS) file


PALCONVT may issue one of the following errors while translating a
PALASM (.PDS) file:

cl192:[Error]Pin '<signal_name>' is not declared as an output pin !

cl126:[Error]The equation input '<signal_name>' is not declared !


PALCONVT only supports PALASM v2.2 and earlier syntax.

Remove any PALASM v2.3 or later syntax from the PDS file. For example,
parentheses are not part of PALASM v2.2 or earlier.

A partial listing of unsupported PALASM syntax can be found in the
XEPLD Reference Guide, near the end of the "PLUSASM Command
Reference" chapter.
AR# 671
日付 10/01/2008
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