AR# 6743


VHDL simulation RAM16X1D: Can not perform a write unless all inputs are at a known level


Keywords: RAM, RAM16X1D, write, vhdl

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

I can not perform a write operation. I have the write address (A3 to A0)
at a known level, have a valid clock, data at a known level, and we is high.
The only input that is not at a known level is the (read) dpra pins, which
is at an unknown value. It should not matter what the read address is at
so how come I can not do a write?


This is a VHDL simulation model problem that is currently being looked
into by development.

Currently during simulation if a write operation is to be performed then
the user must ensure that all inputs are at a known level.
AR# 6743
日付 10/05/2008
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種類 一般
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