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AR# 6761

LOGIBLOX Multiplexer - When are 3-state Buffers/TBUFs used to implement a LogiBLOX MUX?


Keywords: LogiBLOX, MUX, TBUF, 3-state, tristate, multiplexer

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When LogiBLOX generates a MUX, when does it use 3-state buffers,
and when does it use gates?


9500/XL, Spartan/XL: LogiBLOX MUXes are always created with gates.

4000X: TBUFs are used for muxing for 4K devices only when:

- The user explicitly selects a style of "Wired AND" when generating the MUX, or

- If the following two conditions hold:
1. A style of Maximum Speed is selected , AND
2. The bus width is > 4bits

If you wish to have the MUX implemented with gates, specify a style of "Normal Gates"
when generating the module.
AR# 6761
日付 02/15/2001
ステータス アーカイブ
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