AR# 6818


2.1i Install - Windows NT Environment problems, $XILINX and $PATH variables.


Keywords: install, %XILINX%, %path%, environment, win, windows, NT

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When using Windows NT, the %XILINX% set in the system variable list is
not getting expanded when the path is defined.


Make sure the account used to install the Xilinx software has administrator or
superuser permissions. If this was done, but the error is still being seen, then
most likely the environment setup and the registry entries are out of synch. To
correct this problem, please try the following steps :

- On your desktop, right click on My Computer and select properties.
- Go to the environment tab.
- Select the XILINX variable.
- Make a simple change (such as adding a space and deleting it).
- Click "apply," then "set."

This procedure should re-write the registry entry for XILINX, and allow
the path to be correctly expanded. A re-boot may or may not be needed.
AR# 6818
日付 08/22/2001
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種類 一般
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