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*Obsolete* See Xilinx Answer 16741 for iMPACT solution PROM XC18V00 - What is the method used to program the 1800 PROMs?


Keywords: 1800, program, JTAG, ISP

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General Description:
What is the method of programming the new 18V00 PROM devices?


The 1800 PROMs can be programmed through the HW-130 Programmer or through the JTAG port.


For programming the proms with the HW-130, please ensure that you have the latest host software, available at:


You must have 3.1i with the latest service pack (or the latest WebPack JTAG Programmer) to perform JTAG operations on XC18V00 devices. When you initialize the JTAG chain (File-> initialize chain) the 1800 device will be identified. Double click on it and the software will prompt you for the MCS or EXO file to associate with that PROM. You may now program or verify or erase the PROM. For more details on Programming Options for the XC18V00, see (Xilinx Answer 8411).
AR# 6845
日付 09/26/2005
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