AR# 6890


2.1i Foundation COREGEN: Coregen may not be able to locate the Foundation install directory on Windows


Keywords: coregen, foundation, windows

Urgency: standard

General Description:
Coregen v2.1i is unable to find the Foundation F2.1i and F1.5i
install directory on the Windows platform.


The Alliance 2.1i release of CORE Generator does not officially support
the Foundation 1.5i schematic flow in standalone mode.

This problem was also found to be an issue with the Foundation F2.1i

It is fixed for Foundation version F2.1i only in the latest
2.1i Service Pack available at:

The problem will NOT be fixed for Foundation F1.5i.

A workaround that can be used with the Alliance 2.1i and Foundation
F1.5i releases, as well as the F2.1i release, is to specify the Foundation
path locally for each of your projects using a project-specific coregen.ini
file as follows:

Create a coregen.ini file in your project directory with the following line in it:

set FoundationPath=<path_to_Xilinx_Foundation _directory>

set FoundationPath=c:\\fndtn2_1i

Note that you must use a double backslash for the path delimiter
for this to work. C:\\fndtn2_1i corresponds to the top level Foundation
2.1i installation directory.
AR# 6890
日付 04/02/2002
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