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XSimMake: How to modify flows to run user programs, scripts, or batch files


Instead of creating a design.mak file, XSimMake uses a flow file called
`xsimmake.xfw' which can be found in the XACT\DATA directory. To add a user
program, script, or batch file, you can create a local copy of the flow file
and make the desired modifications.

Because XSimMake looks for the `xsimmake.xfw' file in the local directory
before it looks in the XACT\DATA directory, any modifications made in the
local copy will override the one located in XACT\DATA.


To add a program, script, or batch file to an XSimMake flow, perform the
following steps:

1) Copy the file `xsimmake.xfw' from the XACT\DATA directory to your local
working directory.

2) Open the file `xsimmake.xfw' using a text editor and find the first
instance of a PROG record. Below is an example of a PROG record:

PROG my_report_program(infile, outfile)
PROGNAME reportit
INPFILE infile
OUTFILE outfile

3) Create a new PROG record to the flow file using the example above as a
template. Use the other PROG records listed in the flow file for more
examples on how to create PROG records that take one argument, run
program options, and append sub-directories and extensions to the
arguments sent.

4) Locate the flow you wish to add the program call to by searching for the
flow acronym. For example, if you wish to add a program call to the
Viewlogic FPGA Functional flow, search for `VFF'. You will find a line
similar to:

FLOW Viewlogic_Fpga_Func(inpfile):VFF

5) Locate the position in the flow you would like to insert the program

6) Add the following EXEPROG line to make the program call:

EXEPROG my_report_program (|infile|, |outfile|);

7) Using statements similar to those in the flow being modified, create
infile and outfile variables to be used when calling your program.
You may be able to simply use the variables that the surrounding
programs use.
AR# 691
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