AR# 6971


Virtex - Virtex devices have the potential for high current draw for the engineering samples


The following Virtex devices have the potential to create a high current draw when power is first applied to the device: 


V100-ES, V200-ES, V300-ES, V800-ES, and V1000-ES


After the VCCint supply has risen above ~1.70V, this current draw will lower to the normal configuration current draw of <100mA. 


This problem does not exist on the production parts. 


Device Max Current Draw 

------- ---------------- 

V100 400mA 

V200 800mA 

V300 1000mA 

V800 2000mA 

V1000 2000mA


This is not the case for Virtex-E engineering samples. These devices have no known  

issues with current draw.

AR# 6971
日付 05/14/2014
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