AR# 705


6.0: List of files that XACTstep 6.0 install places in c:\windows and c:\windows\system


This list contains all the files that are installed under the \windows
directory when the PROseries tools, XACT core tools, and tutorials are

PROSER or PROSYN program files in \windows :
_default.pif bprogen.pif bvhdl.pif
bvhdlw.pif pinsave.pif sysblock.pif
syscmd.pif timerpt.pif xalttmp.pif

PROSER or PROSYN program files in \windows\system :
cstext.vbx gauge.vbx mh3b200.vbx
mhgchk.vbx mhgcmb.vbx mhgdir.vbx
mhgdrl.vbx mhgfil.vbx mhgfrm.vbx
mhglbl.vbx mhgmul.vbx mhgopt.vbx
mhin200.vbx mhinint.vbx mhmq200.vbx
mhrun400.vbx mhsl200.vbx olecli.dll
sbc.vbx threed.vbx toolhelp.dll
vbrun300.dll vshare.386

XACT program files in \windows\system :
cmdialog.vbx ctl3d.dll ctl3d32.dll
daikon.386 threed.vbx vbrun300.dll

Tutorial files in \windows\asym\runtime
mtb30anm.sbk mtb30bas.dll mtb30bmp.dll
mtb30cmp.dll mtb30flt.dll mtb30lnl.dll
mtb30mm.dll mtb30mm.ini mtb30net.exe
mtb30run.exe mtb30utl.dll pcdxbmp.dll
photo.dll tbload.exe pcdlib.dll

Please note: Some of these files are also installed by or used by other
programs. If you remove these files, you should immediately re-install
XACT 6.0 and/or the PROseries tools so other programs do not suffer from
the deletions.


AR# 705
日付 08/23/2001
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