AR# 7074


2.1i Install: Startup splash screen appears, but then dissappears and install fails without errors


Keywords: install, 2.1i, implementation, tools, cd, blank, splash

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After inserting Implementation tools cd, the startup screen appears
but then disappears and nothing happens. What could be wrong?



The install program is java based and as such on slower, less powerful
PCs it could take a while to initialize correctly. During this time the initial
screen may disappear. Looking at the task manager you can see that
there is a java.exe process running this is part of the install and the user
should wait until this completes. You will also see that the CD ROM drive is
still being accessed.


If the install screen never shows back up, there might be a problem
with the way the environment settings are getting registered. This
is typically seen on a PC.

You can quickly check the environment by going to a dos prompt.
Type in the following:


(if the results are more than one screen, you might need to pipe the
output to several screens. This can be done by 'set |more')

This will give you a list of all environment settings. Ones of interest are:

First, make sure that everything looks alright. For instance, that the
XILINX variable (if it exists) is pointing to the correct place. Second,
you want to look for any statement that has an environment 'variable'
still listed in it. For example, you might see one or more of the following:
PATH = %XILINX%\bin\nt;c:\windows; ... etc
TEMP = %SystemDrive%\temp

The problem occurs in that the system is NOT expanding the %variable%.

You can correct this a few different ways.
If you are in Windows NT, you can try to simply reset these values.
You can do this by going into the Control Panel, System, Environment
tab. Then click on the variable of interest, click in the variable area,
click set then apply.

Other options would be to hard-code these values in the environment.
For example, change the
C:\temp (or the appropriate temporary location)

You can verify the effects of these changes by openening a new
dos window and re-running the set command. (You must do it in
a new window in order for the changes to take effect).

If you are not on a Windows NT machine, you will need to reboot
your machine for the changes to take effect. Then re-run the setup.
AR# 7074
日付 08/23/2001
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