AR# 71504


DisplayPort TX/RX Subsystem - Why is XAPP1271 not available anymore?


I cannot find the XAPP1271 on or in the Xilinx Documentation Navigator anymore. Why is it no longer available?

Where can I find a reference design for the DisplayPort Subsystem IPs?


XAPP1271 is obsolete, and as a result was removed from and the Documentation Navigator.

This design was replaced by the Application Example Design integrated in Vivado/SDK, which includes the same feature and is updated for every Vivado release.

Refer to the Chapter 5 of (PG199) or (PG233) for the steps to generate the DisplayPort Application Example Design.

アンサー レコード リファレンス

マスター アンサー レコード

AR# 71504
日付 09/21/2018
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