AR# 732


Flow Engine 6.0.1: Changes to Options Templates are not used


After making changes to the options templates, the Flow Engine fails to
use the new settings. The Flow Engine continues to use the old settings,
despite the modifications made to the templates.

This problem will occur if you have the Flow Engine already opened, and
you make modifications to an options template by using the Template Manager.
The reason is that the Flow Engine is not aware of changes made to the
templates via the Template Manager and does not reread the settings.


To force the Flow Engine to reread the templates, use the Options command
from the Setup menu to bring up the Design Implementation Options window.
In theDesign Implementation Options window, click on the OK button to close
it and return to the Flow Engine. This will cause the Flow Engine to
reread the templates.

To verify that new settings in a template are being used, use the Command
Preview command from the Utilities menu and set the View Mode to Command
AR# 732
日付 10/01/2008
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