AR# 7397


C_IP2, V2.1i COREGEN: Virtex Variable Parallel Multiplier optional pins appear in a Foundation symbol even when not requested


Keywords: foundation, symbol, multiplier, optional, pin

Urgency: hot

General Description:
The Foundation symbol generated for the Virtex Dynamic Constant Coefficient
and Variable Parallel Multipliers ALWAYS contains the optional pins (typically
CE, ACLR, ASET, SCLR and/or SSET) regardless of whether or not they
have been requested by the user. Because the pins were not requested, the
underlying EDIF implementation netlist for the core will not contain these pins.
This mismatch between symbol and netlist results in "unexpanded block" errors
in NGDBUILD when the design containing the core is processed.

The Foundation symbol for a CORE Generator core is generated by a Foundation-
specific executable called NET2SYM, which takes an XSF file (an XNF file
containing only the module's ports) as input.


This problem is fixed in the latest 2.1i Service Pack available at:

Cross reference is (Xilinx Solution #6853).
AR# 7397
日付 09/05/2001
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