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2.1i Install - virus found within $XILINX/userware/


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Description: HOT

General Description:

A virus by the name of has been found
in following file installed from either the Alliance
2.1i or Foundation 2.1i PC, Solaris, or HP CD-ROMs:


Check your Xilinx installation area for the presence
of the above file.

NOTE: This file is NOT installed by default, but
rather is an optional portion of the Install process
contained within the Userware components. Userware
is a collection of misc. utilities, presentations, and
documentation that in no way affects the performance of
the Xilinx Software.



If you do find the file above to be present on your
machine, you can choose to do one of the following:

1) Automatically remove the contents of the virus-infected file
by installing the latest 2.1i Service Pack, available at:


2) Manually delete out the file from your disk

In addition, you may obtain a newer virus-free version of this file at:

Additional details about this issue:

The infected ZIP file contains a PowerPoint Presentation
within which is a slide that contains an Excel Spreadsheet.
Below is some information about the Laroux virus, which
affects the Microsoft Excel Program:

"This is a nonharmful, nondestructive concept virus.
It simply appends a macro sheet called "laroux" to
workbooks. It does not affect data or anything else
in the workbook. This is the first replicating macro
virus ever discovered in Microsoft Excel."

The information above was found off the Microsoft Website.
For additional details, please refer to:

Unfortunately, not all Virus Detection programs will detect the presence
of this infected file. As mentioned, the virus is nonharmful and nondestructive.
Keeping it around will certainly NOT affect the performance of the Xilinx
Software, nor will it affect the use of the MS Excel tool. Removing the file
in one of the abovementioned fashions however will allow you to eliminate the
spread of the warning msg. that appears in Excel when opening subsequent documents.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your
customer. We will make the necessary changes to make sure that such an issue
does not arise again in the future.


Virus free replacement CDs may ordered from the following web page:
AR# 7428
日付 04/27/2006
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