AR# 7495


Foundation Simulator 2.1i: Netlist Fatal error. 9230: DUMMY cannot read pin #.


Keywords: FNDTN, 9230, DUMMY, Simulator

Urgency: Standard

General Description: When clicking on functional simulation, components
are read in and a fatal error is generated. Viewing the log file indicates
several errors one of which is the 9230: DUMMY cannot read pin #.


This happens as a result of a corrupt macro. Looking above this error
you can see the last macro read in by the tools. The last one indicated
by Loading - <macro name> is the bad macro.

To fix this, open up the libraries manager from the Project Manager.
Go to Project Libraries from <file> in Project Manager. Then enter the
library manager. Double click on your projects library and find the macro
in question. Delete this macro from the library. Then go to your
c:\fndtn\active\projects\<project name> directory and delete everything
associated with that macro but the source file.

You can now open the source file and recreate the macro. You must ensure
that the macro is properly connected in your top level files.
AR# 7495
日付 06/13/2002
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種類 一般
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