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XPLA Professional - What is the sequence of statements in a *.scl file?


Keywords: XPLA, Professional, CoolRunner, fitter, scl, simulator,
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General Description:
What is the sequence of statements in a *.scl file?


The XPLA Software uses a one-pass compiler for the Simulator Control
Language files (SCL); therefore, the commands must be put in the
correct sequence. This is described in Appendix A of the XPLA
Professional User's Manual.

First, the busses must be defined with the DEFBUS statements. Then,
the subroutines are declared. If one subroutine is calling another one,
the called subroutine must be defined first. This is followed by the main
part of the stimuli file, and then by the printlist definition. The last statement
is the Finish command, "F."
AR# 7538
日付 04/09/2002
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