AR# 7592


XPLA Programmer - Programming CoolRunner XCRx032-CS or XCRx032-AS VQ44 type parts


Keywords: XPLA, CoolRunner, VQ44, XCR, programmer, LCP

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
Can I program the XCRx032CS or XCRx032AS VQ44 type parts with the adapter board designed for the original XCRx032/XCRx064 parts?


No -- to be programmed on the CoolRunner Programmer, these parts must use a different VQ44 socketed adapter card. This board is called Rev A.

The original XCRx032 parts and all XCRx064 parts can use the non-Rev A board for programming only because the high-voltage pins are not compatible on the XCRx032-CS/AS with the original XCRx032 and all XCRx064 parts.
AR# 7592
日付 12/28/2003
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