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AR# 766

How do I delete a design viewpoint in Mentor 8?


How do I delete a default or XNF viewpoint in Mentor 8 and above?


Solution #1

Go into the design's component directory in PLD_DMgr, and delete the "default" or "xnf" object.

(Its icon will be a folder with the letters "dvpt" inside.)

Solution #2

CD into the design's component directory in Unix (make sure your MGC_WD is unset or set to "."), then type:

delete_object xnf

("delete_object" is a Mentor-supplied program.)

To delete a different viewpoint (for example, "default"), replace that viewpoint's name for "xnf" as appropriate.

Solution #3

CD into the design's component directory in Unix. In this directory, you will see the following files:

xnf\ (empty directory)


xnf.dvpt_* (one or more, e.g., xnf.dvpt_3)

(Substitute "default" or other viewpoint name for "xnf" when appropriate.)

The directory and all files must be deleted to get rid of the viewpoint.

rm -r xnf xnf.Eddm_design_viewpoint.attr xnf.dvpt_*

AR# 766
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