AR# 767


xnf2wir error 214: pin names for <component> do not match Viewlogic symbol


When xnf2wir gives error 214, it means that it has either found a symbol in
the xnf file that it does not understand, or it has found a symbol with pins
that don't match its description of the pins on a symbol of the given type.



Improper setup of libraries in the viewdraw.ini file can cause this. At the
end of the viewdraw.ini file you should only have the primary, appropriate
part family, builtin, and xbuiltin libraries uncommented (remove the pipe
symbol), in that order.

It is very important that primary be the first and builtin and xbuiltin be
the last libraries in the ini file. Here is an example of a correct library
setup for a PC:

DIR [p] . (primary)
DIR [M] C:\PROSER\UNIFIED\XC3000 (xc3000)


One old cause of this is the presence of a hard macro in the design
(search for "DEF=HM" in the xnf file to see if there is a hard macro in it).
If this is the case and you are still using the pre 5.x tools, run ppr with
the option justflatten=true, and then run lca2xnf -g on the resulting xnf
file in order to convert the hard macro to representative gates. Note that
this is not a complete run of ppr, producing an unrouted but flat version
of the design. If you are using the new tools, hard macros are no longer


If this error should occur during a timing simulation, be sure
you run a functional simulation first. This error may occur
if a timing simulation is run without ever running a
functional simulation.
AR# 767
日付 10/01/2008
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