AR# 7716


2.1i CORE Generator - Error: "...Illegal value 10 specified for variable radix" when loading COE or MIF files for Distributed Memory core


Keywords: CORE Generator, COREGen, distributed, memory, RAM, radix, 10, MIF, COE, C_IP4, C_IP5

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The data sheet for v1.x of the CORE Generator Distributed Memory module indicates incorrectly that you can specify initialization values in a COE or MIF file using radix, 2, 10 or 16. However, if you load a COE file containing the command "RADIX = 10", the following message appears:

"An error has occurred... Illegal value 10 specified for variable radix"


The Distributed Memory data sheet is incorrect; at this time, radix 10 is supported only by the Block Memory cores. For v1.x of the Distributed Memory cores, initialization values must be specified using radix 2 or 16 only.

In v2_0 of this core, a decimal radix will work if all initialization values are specified in a single line. The problem appears to be an issue with parsing newlines.
AR# 7716
日付 09/05/2001
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