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AR# 7750

9.1i FPGA Editor - FPGA Editor routes the probe that I just added; can I route all the probes after they have all been added?


As I add probes, FPGA Editor routes the probe that was just added. My design needs 30 probes added, and it takes a long time to route the individual probes before adding more. Can I route the all probes after I have added all of them?


The work-around is to add probes without routing them by using the command line or by writing a script.  


The command to use to add a probe without routing it is: 


"probe add <netName> -targetpins <pinName1> [<pinName2>...] -noroute" 


This should be run from the FPGA Editor command line. 


To route all the probes after having added them all, use the command: "probe route -all".

AR# 7750
日付 05/14/2014
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