AR# 7759


2.1i COREGEN, RAM, PC: CORE Generator does not respond / appears to hang when you try to generate/customize a module


Keywords: coregen, hang, customize, ram, memory

Urgency: standard

General description:
CORE Generator may not respond when you try to generate a module.
Double-clicking on the module entry in the main GUI, or selecting a core and
then clicking on Core/Customize should usually result in the cursor changing
into an hour glass on the PC platform, but the GUI just hangs.

On PC platforms, this problem has been observed to be associated with systems with
insufficient memory on the system. Under these conditions, the 2.1i version of CORE
Generator does not issue any diagnostic messages, but simply does not respond to
user input.


Check to see whether your system has sufficient memory to run CORE Generator
according to the documented recommendations in the Getting Started Guide for the
Foundation or Alliance package.

CORE Generator requires a minimum of 64MB of RAM to generate
most modules, and 128MB for some of the larger/more complex modules such as PDA FIR filters,
square root functions, and large constant coefficient multipliers.

AR# 7759
日付 08/01/2001
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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