AR# 7792


Virtex CLKDLL timing simulation in MTI: WARNING[1]:No default binding for component : "x_clkdll". ( Generic "tperiod_clkin" is not on the entity)


Keyword : clkdll, simprim, modeltech, simulation, service pack 1

Urgency : hot

General Description : When updating Alliance or Foundation with Service Pack 1, the simprim
models file (simprim_vital.vhd) was changed.

The x_clkdll model had a parameter changed from tperiod_clkin to tperiod_clkin_posedge.

This change caused errors in Modelsim simulation when that simprim library is compiled.

The warning given is : " # WARNING[1]: ../mti/temp.vhd(36): No default
binding for component: "x_clkdll". (Generic "tperiod_clkin" is not on the entity)"

The simulation will not function correctly if this warning is ignored.


One workaround is to edit the simprim_vital.vhd file so that the cell X_CLKDLL parameter is


Rather than


Then recompile.

This problem is also fixed in Service pack 2.
AR# 7792
日付 11/07/2004
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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