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AR# 7825

2.1i JTAG Programmer - JTAGPGMR: The program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down


Keywords: Dr Watson, Invalid page fault, illegal operation, shut down, MFC42.DLL BSDL, third party

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
While using the 2.1i Jtag Programmer the following error can occur:

The program has performed an illegal operation and will be
shut down.
If the details button is clicked, the following message shows up:
Jtagpgmr caused an invalid page fault in module MFC42.DLL
at 015f:5f40129c.

On an WinNT machine, a Dr. Watson error can occur and a
message similar to:
The instruction at "0x5f40129c" referenced memory at
0x00000004" the memory could not be read
will be displayed.

Conditions producing this error usually are:

1) Executing the following operation in the JTAG Programmer:
'Edit -> Add Device' and selecting any of the XC9500 BSDL
files (including the XL and XV families).
2) Using some third party BSDL file.



Adding any of the XC9500 devices with the corresponding
BSDL file:

There is a problem in the way the 2.1i JTAG Programmer
interprets the XC9500 BSDL files when it is initially read
into the chain. Therefore, any time a XC9500 device is
added to the chain in this fashion, this error can occur.
Please note that the BSDL files themselves are correct, it
is just a problem with the way the JTAG Programmer reads

The work-around is to add the device by specifying a JEDEC
file (.jed) for the needed device instead of the BSDL file. This
will allow you to successfully add the device to the chain, and
then to place the part in BYPASS mode so you can perform the
needed operations on the other devices in the chain.


Third Party BSDL files:

The 2.1i JTAG Programmer has some support for third party
BSDL files. However, there are some problems that still exist
with some BSDL files that can cause this error. The
work-around for this would be to use the Xilinx generic BSDL
file. For more information about this, please see resolution 2
of solution record http://www.xilinx.com/techdocs/8133.htm.
AR# 7825
日付 09/30/2005
ステータス アーカイブ
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