AR# 787


VST : component not found in library


While loading a VST file, the simulator issues a message similar to:

OBUF in XC4000_LIB not found. Delete Device or EXIT Simulator?

If Delete Device is chosen, the same message is issued for a different


The XACT 5.2/6.0 OrCAD simulation libraries were shipped in VST386+ v1.20

The earlier versions of VST386+ cannot read this library format. Instead of
issuing an "incompatible version" error, the above message is issued for
every component in the simulation file.

The solution is to either use the XACT 5.1 simulation model files (no
functional changes were made between 5.1 and 5.2/6.0), or to obtain the
source files and recompile the simulation models (see Solution 522:
'VST/386+ Gives "Terminal Error - Incompatible Version of MODEL Files."')
AR# 787
日付 10/01/2008
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