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2.1i Install: Service Pack 2: error: "problems when copying C:TEMP\pst1~tmp\replace\bin\nt\


Keywords: install, temp, service pack, 2.1, implementation, updates.

Urgency: Standard

Problem Description:

Customer had 10 Gig available on the drive they were installing to and over
1Gig available on another drive where the TEMP directory was located.
They had FPGA Express from Synopsys installed. They tried to install
21i_sp2_implementation_pc.exe from the web and got the following error:
Setup failed while processing the
task. The reported error was
Problems when copying C:\TEMP\pft1~tmp\relplace\bin\nt\xilinxd.exe
Press OK to clean up partially installed software.

Customer has purchased Synopsys synthesis tools separately and its
license manager checks out a license server from the license.dat file
when Windows NT starts up. Since the license.dat file points to the
xilinxd.exe file and the synopsys license uses it when checking out a
license server, Windows NT will not allow the service pack installer to
overwrite this file!


1. First line of defense is to look at the setup.log file under the
TEMP directory for a clue as to what is causing the error. Apparently
the FlexLM licensing uses the xilinxd.exe file to open a license server
whenever the Xilinx DEAMON is specified in the license.dat file.
2. Use the Flex LM manager (this tool was installed with the Synopsys
synthesis tools, for purchases from Synopsys) to turn off the license
server before installing the implementation tools service pack
For clarification, check out the license.dat file and you should see
the line:
DAEMON xilinxd <drive>:\<path to where xilinx software is
AR# 7980
日付 08/23/2001
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