AR# 803


Install 6.0 will not accept Win32s version later than


If you have a Win32s version which is later than, the Install 6.0 program

will report that this is the wrong version.


(1) cd to \windows\system

(2) open the file win32s.ini in a text editor

(3) Change the version line in the [Win32s] section to

(4) save changes and run the 6.0 Install.

(5) After installing the 6.0 software, re-change the Win32s version in the

win32s.ini file back to the orignal version of Win32s on the system

Do not try this workaround with Win32s versions older than

Run from the cd : wn1\install\winstall.exe. This will bypass all

win32 checking.

AR# 803
日付 04/12/2010
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