AR# 8089


2.1i HP Elite Install - Virtex (V50, V100, V150) package (.pkg) and speed (.spd) files are not delivered.


Keywords: Alliance, 2.1i, HP, SP2, Virtex, V50, V100, V150, missing, package, .pkg, speed, .spd

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
On my 2.1i install, the V50, V100 and V150 package (.pkg) and speed (.spd) files are
not installed, even though I selected all devices.


A problem has been found in the Perl script that installs the device files for the Elite CD
key (Virtex-E). Even though all devices are selected to be installed, the package and
speed files for the mentioned devices are not copied into the virtex/data directory.

There are a few workarounds for this.

The easiest one would be to simply manually copy the files from the extraction of the
service pack. They should be located in the virtex/data directory, and would be named
(in the instance of the v50):


Simply copy these files into your $XILINX/virtex/data directory.

If you are not installing the files from the service pack, you can still get these files from the
original CD. The simplest way to do this is to extract the files from the CD. All the files are
located on the installation CD, in the virtex/data directory. The files will be named
(in the instance of the V50):

Extract these files into your $XILINX/virtex/data directory.

Then, the latest data file update should be re-applied. This will update the most recently
installed files with the newest version.
AR# 8089
日付 08/22/2001
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