AR# 8281


2.1i COREGEN, MTI: "ERROR: Could not open library xul at xul. No such file or directory"


Keywords: coregen, xul, fft, correlator, corpVHT

Urgency: standard

General Description:
When attempting to compile the XilinxCoreLib VHDL libraries the following
errors are seen:

"ERROR: Could not open library xul at xul: No such file or directory
ERROR: /export/vol1/xilinx/data/XilinxCoreLib/<model_name>.vhd(25): Library
xul not found.
ERROR: /export/vol1/xilinx/data/XilinxCoreLib/<model_name>.vhd(26): Unknown
identifier: xul


If this is followed by the following messages:

###### E:/Xilinx/data/xilinxcorelib/corpVHT.vhd(26): LIBRARY xul;
# ERROR: E:/Xilinx/data/xilinxcorelib/corpVHT.vhd(26): Library xul not found.
###### E:/Xilinx/data/xilinxcorelib/corpVHT.vhd(27): USE xul.ul_utils.ALL;
# ERROR: E:/Xilinx/data/xilinxcorelib/corpVHT.vhd(27): Unknown identifier:

the error is most likely the result of installing a C1.5 CORE Generator IP Update
over a 2.1i CORE Generator installation. (The "xul" library is specific to pre-2.1i
(C1.5 and Alpha v1.4) versions of the CORE Generator VHDL behavioral models.)

Most of the functions formerly supplied in the"xul" library ul_utils package in the
pre-2.1i releases have been incorporated into the newer "xilinxcorelib" library in 2.1i,
and all of the VHDL behavioral models for cores supported in 2.1i have been
modified to reference the new library.

To correct this problem, you must delete the coregen directory in your installation.
Reinstall the CORE Generator, followed by the latest Software Service Pack
and the latest CORE Generator IP Update, from

Finally, run get_models to re-extract the simulation library models and recompile
according to the order specified in (Xilinx Solution #6250)..
AR# 8281
日付 09/05/2001
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